Here’s 10 Specific Questions You Should Ask Before You Ever Lend A Dime As A Private Lender (missing one of these could cost you big) 

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  • Who should you be writing the check to and why? (to keep you as protected as possible)
  • What “LTV” is and why the higher it is the more risk you’re taking on as the lender/investor
  • What risks there are in private lending that you have to consider (and what questions to ask the person you’re lending funds to to ensure you’re as protected as possible)
  • What you can ask the person/company you’re working with to provide you as far as documentation to help you understand and track your transactions with them
  • … and more

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3 Ways To Passively or Semi-Passively Invest In Real Estate In Mableton Without The Headaches Of Traditional Real Estate Investing

If you’re tired of earning little to no return on your investments, maybe it’s time to look at ways you can diversify your portfolio and add real estate to the mix by leveraging your cash with real estate experts in your area.  Read more below

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From Private Lending to actually partnering on deals with active real estate investment companies, to even purchasing income properties for cash-flow… this free report will walk you through ways investors are leveraging their time and participating in the real estate market in passive or semi-passive roles.

In this free report you’ll learn…

  • The 3 ways to passively or semi-passively invest in the real estate market
  • How to work with local real estate investment firms to do all or most of the work so you can let your money work for you
  • What “private lending” or “private investing” is and who may this may or may not be right for
  • Risks that are involved in this type of investing (there are significant risks, especially when done wrong)
  • … and more

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Metro Atlanta Investment Properties At 30-50% Below Market Value (Handyman / Vacant / Great Rentals Available)

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Why Warren Buffet Recommends Buying Single Family Houses In Todays Market (video interview below)…

warren buffet investing in real estate

For Release Mableton: CNBC Interviews Warren Buffet and He Explains Why Single Family Real Estate, If Bought Cheap Enough, Would Be His Current Investment Of Choice… 

Warren Buffet recently said an interview with CNBC (we put the video below for you to check out) that right now real estate is a better and more sure investment than stocks.

Plus Warren says exactly how he’d do it if it were him.

(Click Play To Hear Warrens Advice Below)
Buffet On Investing In Real Estate

Learn How To Get “Buffet Style” Discount Properties In Mableton

One major criteria Warren mentions in the interview above is that the properties have to be a “good deal” and bought at a discount.

Our company specializes in sourcing deeply discounted real estate in Mableton and surrounding areas and serving them up to you on a silver platter.  We’re great at marketing and finding the best deals and help investors like you acquire properties at 30-60% discounts each and every month.

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